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Training for New Jobs in Home Weatherization

The National Training and Education Resource (NTER) platform, features multi-media, interactive, self-paced training modules. While this training portal will not replace the need for formal, hands-on-training, it will enhance or augment the training conducted across the country.

NTER courses cover basic and advanced building sciences and weatherization through a flexible and adaptive learning platform. Coursework can be customized to meet the needs of individuals seeking a career in the fast-growing weatherization industry and of current professionals—from energy auditors to field technicians.

By advancing through the self-paced NTER curriculum, students prepare themselves to pursue field training and various industry certifications available through community and private colleges, state agencies, or one of the many Weatherization Assistance Program training centers located across the nation.


Courses address building science at all levels, from the role of pressure diagnostics in ensuring safe indoor air quality to proper techniques for installing various cost-effective, energy-saving measures. Courses provide an individualized learning experience that adapts to the needs of each student. Training support can be tailored to weatherization workers at all skill levels and positions, including crew member, crew chief, auditor, and trainer.

About the System

NTER uses open-source systems and accessible standards and software (Ilias learning management system and Google’s O3D). This approach allows the broader weatherization community, including the established network of local weatherization providers, to contribute to the future development of this resource.

The NTER learning management system, being developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, provides the following:

  • Web-based system that is easy to use for both students and trainers
  • Adaptive learning system that tracks and tailors courses based on user progress
  • Easy-to-access, online system that creates, stores, and maintains training curriculum
  • Immersive, online training that is cost effective and allows content to be reused and repurposed by developers and trainers.

For more information on the system or to learn more about collaborating with the U.S. Department of Energy through open source, please contact: NWTP.Webmaster@EE.Doe.Gov